Amtok Beard Shaping Tool

Rating: 4 Skulls for visual 3 Skulls for non-visual.

 for visual

 for non-visual

The Amtok Beard Shaping Tool is an interesting gadget for any well-groomed man.   It is a clear piece of hard plastic that is specifically shaped to allow you to groom your beard at home without going to the barber.  It features different angles, combs, and guides to help you shape the perfect beard.   The edges are contoured to allow you to guide your razor smoothly.

We decided to do a video review for this product.  Our perspective on this tool is different from others you may have seen or read.  Rufo is a visually impaired bearded individual.  He has never used a tool like this before.   He typically maintains his beard himself based on touch.

On initial review we liked the packaging it was interesting but the envelope was a bit difficult for Rufo to open.  I liked the instructions and tips as they were very helpful.  Unfortunately, Rufo is unable to read these due to the small print but we understand this is geared more toward visual users.  We liked that the tool was made of plastic and flat making it easy to clean and store.

Please check out our video for the full experience:



Abandoned Hilltop Hotel in WV


I think this is an amazing video.  I’m originally from WV and there’s something about this place that calls you home.  I haven’t been back “home” in almost 4 years.  This video definitely made me a little homesick.  This drone footage shows the landscape around Harper’s Ferry, the exterior of the hotel and inside of the hotel.  There’s also some pretty good music.

It not only shows the beauty of West Virginia but the amazing history and architecture of the land.   I can’t imagine what this hotel looked like when it was operational.  The view from some of the rooms is stunning.  Imagining how the river would look in the Summer when the trees on the banks are lush and green.  How stunning it would be in the fall when the leaves slowly change to hues of red and yellow.  I’m not a fan of winter but I bet when the banks are full of snow it’s also an amazing site.

Check out the story and the video here:    Abandoned Hilltop Hotel in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

If you just want to see the video you can check it out on YouTube – Click Here!



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