Original Tweak Strainer


Rating: 3 out of 5 Skulls


We purchased this to use at Rufo’s house.  He has a large metal sink.  It looks a lot like a singular industrial kitchen sink.  It can easily get clogged if food particles get into the drain.  I figured we would try this out to see how well it works in his sink.

It looks good visually.  It appears sturdy and seems to work as promised.  I examined it by assembling it and trying out the action by squeezing the fat end together.  The sides came up and appeared they would easily hold and allow me to easily carry and dispose of any caught refuse.

I placed it in his sink and left it there for a while.  I’ve noticed that while it does catch large particles as promised it doesn’t seem to stay in place.  It doesn’t seem to work as well as the metal strainers you can purchase which slide into the drain.  This one sits on top and can easily be knocked out of place.  I’d like to see something added to help it suction to the sink to prevent it from being dislodged easily.