Abandoned Hilltop Hotel in WV


I think this is an amazing video.  I’m originally from WV and there’s something about this place that calls you home.  I haven’t been back “home” in almost 4 years.  This video definitely made me a little homesick.  This drone footage shows the landscape around Harper’s Ferry, the exterior of the hotel and inside of the hotel.  There’s also some pretty good music.

It not only shows the beauty of West Virginia but the amazing history and architecture of the land.   I can’t imagine what this hotel looked like when it was operational.  The view from some of the rooms is stunning.  Imagining how the river would look in the Summer when the trees on the banks are lush and green.  How stunning it would be in the fall when the leaves slowly change to hues of red and yellow.  I’m not a fan of winter but I bet when the banks are full of snow it’s also an amazing site.

Check out the story and the video here:    Abandoned Hilltop Hotel in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

If you just want to see the video you can check it out on YouTube – Click Here!



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Viva Naturals Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Rating: 5 out of 5 Skulls

Price: $12.99

I use Apple Cider Vinegar for so many things.  I use it for cleaning, rinsing my hair, flea protection for my cats.  It’s best to use organic ACV that contains the “mother” or natural organisms.

I purchased this bottle to put in my spare bathroom.  I use it for cleaning.  I also use it when bathing my cats.  It helps heal their skin from scratches and to prevent fleas.  I prefer to use natural products whenever I can.

I’ve used this a few times on my hair as a rinse and on my cats and it has worked fantastically.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).


Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo Anti-dandruff

Rating: 4 out of 5 Skulls

I’ve been using this shampoo since the end of July 2016.  I often end up with dandruff and buildup on my scalp.  I also prefer hair products that are as close to natural as possible.  Before I started using this in my washing routine I was starting to get embarrassed by my scalp.  I looked like there was something wrong with me.  Seriously!

I started looking into “No-Poo.”  I started off with the baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse.  This worked well for a while but then it got out of hand.  I learned that detoxing your scalp takes time. lol.

I only wash once every 4 days.  By the time I wash my hair it usually needs it badly.  This shampoo not only helps prevent dandruff but it also acts as a clarifying shampoo.  I find it leaves my hair feeling very clean and my scalp feels wonderful afterwards.

Now that I’ve been using this for a few months I often combine it with other natural shampoos I use.  I often use it first and let it sit on my scalp 2-3 minutes to allow the nutrients to sink in and then I wash a second time using my other concoctions.

It smells wonderful if you love mint and sage. I love it.  The only downside is it costs $12.95.  If you are not a daily washer it will last a lot longer.  I think I’m not even half-way through my bottle and I’ve had it since July.

I would definitively recommend this product!