oVertone – Extreme Red Conditioner

Rating: 5/5 Skulls!!!!!!



I love this conditioner!!!!! I love oVertone!  As you can see there is only a subtle change after my first application.  I expect it may pick up more red with my next application.  Regardless of how much red it picked up, I love it!  My hair loves it!

It doesn’t smell like hair dye but it will stain your hands like it.  Wear gloves!  I learned my lesson.  There I was, caught red handed (really more of a magenta)…in the shower.  I ended up having to use a pumice stone to scour it off of my hands then a scrubby with Ajax on it to clean the shower wall which had been dyed magenta.

It smells like herbs, mainly peppermint.  It does a great job conditioning.  I probably left it on for about 3 minutes.  If your hair is about the same shade of mine perhaps we should leave it on for the full 5 minutes for optimum effect. While the difference is subtle it is definitely redder in person and looks very healthy!


I’m really into healthy and natural hair care.  I’ve been looking for something to dye my hair with that wouldn’t strip it of its natural oils or damage it.  This conditioner has no activator so it will not strip your hair.  It only adds a layer of color on top of the hair.  The conditioner doesn’t appear to contain any parabens or silicone as well.  Bonus!

A bottle of the Extreme Red Daily Conditioner is $18 (8 oz).  They also sell a deep conditioning treatment or you can buy it in a bundle and get an extra bottle of daily conditioner.  It comes in a wide variety of fun colors: Red, Orange, Peach, Rose Gold, Pink, Purple, Silver, Blue, Teal, and Green.

If you are unsure on what to get or the product they do have sample sizes available.

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DermaChange Organic Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set



Rating: 4 out of 5 Skulls


General Overview:

The product is excellent.  It has lasted a long time despite the small size.  The price is a bit high for such a small set.  If you can make it last as long as I have then it seems less expensive.

I purchased the small 4oz. size of DermaChange shampoo and conditioner set to try it out. I have curly/wavy hair that tends to be oily at the follicle and dry on the ends.  This set of hair care products works pretty well on my hair. Note: I also have long hair and tend to use more conditioner than shampoo.

Product Name: DermaChange Thick and Full Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

Date Purchased: October 28, 2016

Current price: $24.99

Since it’s going to take me about 3 months to finish these bottles I estimate that my price per month is about $8.33 or about $4.17 per bottle.  This is about average price for a decent bottle of shampoo/conditioner.

If you can make this last as long as I have it’s totally worth the price but if you must wash your hair more often and use more of the product this may seem a bit pricey.  Despite what seems like a high price you get what you pay for.  If you want to use quality products then you may have to pay more to get something more natural and to avoid the chemicals.

How long do the bottles last? – I’ve had these about 2 months this week and they are not empty.  I can probably make it last at least another month.

How often do I wash my hair: 1-2 times per week.  As little as I can get away with.  No….it doesn’t smell gross. You can ask me later about the “No Poo” movement. 🙂

Is my hair fuller or healthier? – I can’t determine if it is any fuller of if it has caused any missing hair to regrow.  I can tell you the texture of my hair is smoother and less dry.  I also think it helps my hair to grow faster.  I had my hair cut in the beginning of December and it’s already grown about 1/2″.

Will I purchase this product again? – I would certainly consider it.  I’ve really been enjoying trying new things.  I really like it being part of my hair washing routine to infuse vitamins and nutrients into my hair.