Greater Goods Eco-Friendly Dark Roast Vista Blend Coffee

Rating: 5 out of 5 Skulls

Price: $0.01 + shipping for 6 piece sampler or $35.63 for a 72-count box.

At first glance these pods are very unique.  They are in a bag that folds and reseals so that they stay fresh.  They aren’t completely enclosed in plastic like the normal K-cups.  They have a soft mesh pouch on the bottom that holds the ground coffee.  The coffee smells amazingly rich.  It’s the kind of coffee smell that’s rich and you can’t stop smelling it.  I often found myself opening the bag just to smell the rich indulgent smell.

The smell after the coffee was brewed was even more heavenly than just smelling the bag.  Every day I wake up at Rufo’s he makes me coffee in the morning.  It sounds like such a simple thing.  For someone who’s not a morning person having someone make you a cup of coffee in the morning is pure bliss.  I feel so spoiled.

If you read my last post about coffee you probably remember that I cannot drink my coffee black.  I did make it a point to try this to see how rich it was.  It was amazing with a strong, robust flavor.  I added my usual almond milk and honey and I could taste the pure rich delicious coffee through it.

If you love dark, rich coffee I recommend this.