EKOCUPS Organic Artisan Mexican Coffee, Medium Roast, in Recyclable cups,10 count

Rating: 5 out of 5 Skulls

Price: $6.99 for 10 K-cups

I love buying these small boxes of coffee.  I feel like it’s a great way to explore different brands and styles of coffee.  I’d love to try some of the other K-cup products available on the market.  Since I’ve been purchasing K-cups I’ve become more aware of how many of these tiny plastic cups I throw away each month.  I LOVE that these are recyclable!

I’m also in favor of the Organic  coffees so I’m happy to say this is also Organic.  EKO Cups have a great design and concept for their Organic, Fair Trade Mexican coffee.  These come in a pack of 10 so they are great for a trial or to share with friends.  Rufo and I shared the box between our 2 houses.  His mover even had an opportunity to try this Mexican coffee and really enjoyed it.

I typically go for a dark roast but this medium roast was light but still had a great flavor after my usual add-ins (almond milk and honey).  Rufo likes his black or with just honey.  We always use local honey.  It’s beneficial if you have outdoor allergies to eat some local honey every day.

If you like a medium or dark roast I would recommend this coffee.  Not only does it taste great but it’s great for the environment.

Greater Goods Eco-Friendly Dark Roast Vista Blend Coffee

Rating: 5 out of 5 Skulls

Price: $0.01 + shipping for 6 piece sampler or $35.63 for a 72-count box.

At first glance these pods are very unique.  They are in a bag that folds and reseals so that they stay fresh.  They aren’t completely enclosed in plastic like the normal K-cups.  They have a soft mesh pouch on the bottom that holds the ground coffee.  The coffee smells amazingly rich.  It’s the kind of coffee smell that’s rich and you can’t stop smelling it.  I often found myself opening the bag just to smell the rich indulgent smell.

The smell after the coffee was brewed was even more heavenly than just smelling the bag.  Every day I wake up at Rufo’s he makes me coffee in the morning.  It sounds like such a simple thing.  For someone who’s not a morning person having someone make you a cup of coffee in the morning is pure bliss.  I feel so spoiled.

If you read my last post about coffee you probably remember that I cannot drink my coffee black.  I did make it a point to try this to see how rich it was.  It was amazing with a strong, robust flavor.  I added my usual almond milk and honey and I could taste the pure rich delicious coffee through it.

If you love dark, rich coffee I recommend this.

White Coffee Organic Single Serve Coffee, Breakfast Blend, 10 Count

Rating: 4 out of 5 Skulls

Price: $4.62

Contents: 10 count K-cup individual serving of White Coffee’s Organic Breakfast Blend.

I recently acquired a Keurig over the holidays.  My budget is limited but I like to try new things and of course how could I reset a box of K-cups that were under $10.00.  I rather enjoy coffee.  It’s my second favorite morning beverage other than water.  The next question everyone asks is “How do you take it?”  In other words, how do I like my coffee?  Do I want sugar or cream or perhaps something else?

Here’s my secret.  I like really strong coffee….but I need to add my version of “cream” and my version of “sugar.”  I like it served with almond or coconut milk and either coconut sugar or local honey.  I like to take the edge off, cut the acidity but I still want to taste the coffee.

I was skeptical when I ordered this.  Often Breakfast blends tend to be too mild for me.  I prefer and espresso or a nice dark roast.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Even after the addition of my “milk” and “sugar” I could still taste the coffee.  It was a lighter taste but was still able to shine through my palatable additions.

I was attracted to the fact that this coffee is Organic and biodegradable.  I feel less guilty about throwing the cups out instead of using a reusable one.  I was also attracted to the price.  This was a great little sample pack or for someone who doesn’t drink a lot of coffee. I purchased this one and 2 others at the same time in order to be able to rotate, sample, and of course share some with Rufo.

We both really enjoyed this blend and it’s almost gone.  I guess we will need to order more!  Perhaps we can find other blends by White Coffee.