Car cellphone holder review


Rating: 3 out of 5 skulls


Rating Explanation: Due to assembly needed and that it fell apart easily and I had to re-assemble it.

*Update (12/27/16) – For some reason the plastic piece embedded in the suction cup broke off.  I was able to super glue it back together.  I’m going to contact the seller on Amazon.  I will update my review with the results.

So far I’m in love with this cellphone holder for in my vehicle. It’s Red and black (my favorite colors) and it holds my phone perfectly while I drive. When you first take it out of the box it requires a little assembly and be careful not to push on the release/hold lever too hard or it will come apart.
For about 20 minutes I thought I had completely broken this neat little gadget. I finally managed to get the pieces back together and it back to an operational state.
It was easy to install and use. You simply choose where you would like it to hang from your window, place the suction cup on the window, and lower the lever. The lowering of the lever creates a suction effect and allows the cellphone holder to adhere to the window.
Since properly installing about 3 weeks ago it has not fallen off of the window. A few times my phone fell out of the holder. This may be due to the product or to user error when placing the phone in the cradle. There are 2 bottom pegs to rest the base of the phone on. It also features two wings that expand by pressing on a button on the back of the holder.
When placing the phone in the holder be sure the wings are fully extended, hold the phone in place while resting it on the bottom pegs and squeeze the wings together to hold the phone firmly. When removing the phone press on the button on the middle back of the holder until the wings are fully extended and then remove your phone.
I admit it can be a bit distracting to have my phone in my field of vision but if my first reaction is to look at the phone when it makes noise it is better to be in front of me than beside me.  It’s a great safe way to drive hands-free.


Unfortunately the holder came crashing down randomly.  The plastic piece in the suction cup broke from the other piece.  I do really like this cellphone holder so I super glued it back together.  I attempted to contact the seller but there was no response.