2 Sets of Fairy String Lights Battery Operated

Rating: 5 out of 5 Skulls

These lights are so cute and easy to use!  I purchased them on Amazon on using my Snagshout account.  If you need lights that are energy efficient and battery operated these are a great choice.


This set included 2 sets of battery powered led lights. The lights are enclosed in a clear coating showing the copper wires.  The lights are tiny LEDs strung together on copper wire.  The lights are flexible and can be placed almost anywhere.  These sets also include remote controls.  This allows the user to change the light patterns as well as making them faster or slower. You can also put them on a timer.

Price: $13.99

Overall: I love these and I’d love to have a few more sets.  I initially ordered them to use during our company’s fall fest.  We are not allowed to plug in lights at work so battery powered lights are our only option for decorating.  My theme was the fortune teller and these lights allowed me to put on quite a remarkable display.