LESHINE 3D Head Mount VR Glasses Gen. 2 3.0-6.0 iPhone/Android

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Price: $25.99

If you haven’t experienced VR (Virtual Reality) you are missing out!  Rufo introduced me to this awesome new affordable technology using his Occulus VR headset.  After trying out his much more expensive headset I decided to try a more affordable one of my own.

This headset offers a very affordable VR experience.  It works with Google Cardboard and other VR applications.  I’m currently using a Note 4 in this device.

In order to game better I also purchased a small Bluetooth gaming remote.  If you plan on gaming I would recommend purchasing one of those as well.

The apps worked well in the headset, it was easy to adjust the vision and it fit nicely on my head. I was able to use it for a few days before I accidentally smudged a lens.  I went to carefully clean the lens with a soft cloth and immediately with the lightest pressure the lenses popped out of their placement.

It was nearly impossible to get them back in place.  Because of the design the headset is impossible to open.  I had to craft some tools to put the lenses back in place. I’m sure that there are permanently fingerprints on the lenses.