Gods and Monsters – Orlando, Florida




Date: 12/29/16

Time: mid-afternoon (after our stop at Soupa Saiyan)

Where: Gods and Monsters in the Artegon Mall

Address: 5250 International Drive STE E8, Orlando, Fl 32819

Their website: Gods and Monsters

Rating: 5 out of 5 skulls

We initially planned to go jump at the indoor trampoline place in the Artegon Marketplace.  We had just eaten and decided to walk around first.  We saw many neat and interesting shops but God’s and Monsters was by far the most amazing store we’ve ever seen!

The staff were in plain clothing and were very friendly.  We encountered several of the staff members while we made our way around the store and eventually settling at the bar.  Honestly there are so many amazing geeky/nerdy things in this store it’s difficult to know where to begin.

How about Predator and Aliens?

As we journeyed around the enormous store we noticed these amazing replica displays everywhere.  The store has a very unique quality about it.  It’s like a museum but a museum that is for sale.  Almost everything we saw was for sale.

The prices in the store were comparable to the quality of merchandise you were purchasing.  Are things expensive?  If they are super awesome you had better be ready to lay down some cash.

If I ever win the lottery….this store is not safe for my wallet.


Remember the “Garbage Pail Kids?”

I had a ton of these cards.  One of my best friend’s is a

derby dame and is named for one of the Garbage Pail Kids.

So much nostalgia and geekery in one store!

Spiderman and Iron Man!

Slimer!!!    “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

These two….they kill me!

Just hanging out with Deadpool!

Gundams and Street Fighter.

Zoltar is probably one of my favorite pieces in this shop.

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this display.  There is so much going on but somehow it all makes sense.

I regret I didn’t get the painting above the display captured in the photo.

Going from top to bottom the things that really stand out to me are E.T., Rocky, Ghostbusters Monopoly, Bill Murray in GB, Stay Puff (the large one and the tiny one), the GB figurines below and Jaws.

The Bar

Can anyone name this movie?

Yes, they serve alcohol!

The counter of the bar was made up of these awesome B-movie cards sealed in acrylic.

How many characters can you name?