5 Pack Assorted Floral Canvas Pencil Holders


Rating: 3 out of 5 Skulls

I’m not a girly girl so it’s almost surprising that I purchased these.  I think they are cute and they remind me of these little soaps my aunt had in her bathroom.  I think they were hotel soaps and they were wrapped in dainty floral cloth.  I loved playing with them and smelling them.  The fact that I’m drawn to these bags may be purely nostalgic.  Who knows?

These seem pretty durable and they have a very nice zipper with a great zipper pull on it.  The cloth has a backing on it which makes it more durable.  On closer inspection I noticed that the cloth sewn around the zipper is not finished.  It’s merely cut but does’t seem to have anything to prevent fraying.  Despite the lack of finishing the stitching seems pretty good. I spent a while tugging on the pouch to see if I could damage it easily. I’m happy to state I was not able to damage it.

These are cute and if well taken care of they would probably last 6 months to a year.  I think it’s a great deal because they are only $7.99 for 5 of them.  These are also Prime eligible.


**Look for our event where we are giving a few of these away!


Review Holiday Cards



4 out of 5 Skulls!!



These cards are fantastic!  I purchased 3 packs from Amazon.  I didn’t realize until much later that all 3 packs were from Nobleworks.  These cards are high quality, glossy, and on heavy paper.  I do think they are a bit expensive considering how many cards I have to purchase for work every year.  I typically buy cards at The Dollar Tree.

If you are looking for a pack of nice card for close friends and family I would suggest these.  Nobleworks has not only humerous cards but they also have beautiful cards.  I purchased 3 sets of Holiday cards on Amazon.com. One of the packs was humorous and the other two of them is just beautiful watercolors and ice crystals.


This set of cards by Noble Works features Santa finding out that he’s been left rice cakes instead of cookies.  They are high gloss and high quality.  They come with matching red envelopes and they even include a coupon and a sticker to hold the flap of the envelope shut.  They are $17.49 for 12 cards.

The second set I purchased were also by Noble Works and they featured wildlife wearing Santa hats.  These are currently sold out so I cannot provide a link.  Please see the image above for an example of the cards. These also included the 15% off code and a free sheet of flap adhesive stickers.  These are extremely cute and high quality.  I really like that you can add your own message.  I received 10 cards and 10 white envelopes for $10.99.

The third set also by Noble Works features beautiful ice crystals on a glossy seasonal card.  I received 1o cards and 10 white matching envelopes.  This pack also included a 15% off code for future orders and a sheet of adhesive stickers for the flap.  They cost $9.99.