Glue Gun, Cobiz 60/100 W Hot Melt Glue Gun with 5 Pcs Premium Glue Sticks


(Current rating based on service and item received, has not been tested yet.  We will update it once the video is done.)

We love arts and crafts at our house.  We also love DIY projects.   We ordered the glue gun to try to fix a desk that we have.  There are cosmetic trim pieces that constantly fall off.  We will test out the glue gun by using it to stick these pieces back in place.

After examining the box.  I’m pleased with the appearance of the glue gun and the included glue sticks and instructions.

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How to Find a Place to Eat

Finding a good place to eat may sound like an easy task.  You’re hungry, you have a craving, and you want food….but where?  How do you decide what to eat?  Is it you by yourself or do you have others eating with you?

There are actually many factors that go into deciding where to eat.  If I am by myself the decision may be easier or it may not.  I won’t lie, I hate deciding where to eat.  Sometimes having someone else to help you make the decision makes it easier and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’d like to share with you what we do when we decide we are going to eat somewhere we never have before.  Like everyone we have a few usual places we order from (usually chain restaurants) merely for convenience.  Every  now and then we get bored of eating the same things.

First we decide what we want to eat.  We have so many choices: Italian, Indian, Asian (Chinese, Japanese), American, Greek, and seafood.  The fact that we have so many choices can be daunting in itself.  After you’ve decided what type of cuisine to eat then you have to decide from where.

The next thing we do is do a search on Google, Yelp, or Yellow Pages.  We want to find a pace that has the cuisine we want to eat and one that has good ratings.  Sometimes we will try totally new places that don’t have any reviews so we can make the decision for ourselves.  Sometimes trying a place without any ratings can be a good thing or it can be a disaster.

We tried a local Thai place once on a whim.  The restaurant looked nice and clean and the food was actually good.  However the entire restaurant smelled like sewage.  Thankfully we didn’t get sick.

When trying to decide we will look at the ratings and the menu.  Tonight we tried a local pizza and pasta place (review later).  We looked for what we wanted and a place that had it and I noticed they had good ratings on Yellow Pages.

Then we place our order or we are off on an adventure to go eat at the place.

It’s good to have favorite places to eat but it’s also great to try new ones.  Also, trying new places helps to stimulate the economy.  We love trying local places to support our local business owners.