Universal Professional 3 in 1 HD Camera Lens Kit


Rating: 5 skulls



I love taking photographs.  I have an old Nikon D200 DSLR that I take my professional photographs with.  However, I often have my phone more than my DSLR.  I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have lenses for my cell phone?   I found them!

The Universal Professional 3 in 1 HD Camera Lens kit is great.  It comes in a lovely box that includes instructions, a business card, a lens cleaning cloth, 3 lenses, and the lens apparatus.  The kit includes a macro, wide angle, and a fish eye lens.  I’ve been able to try all three and report success with 2/3 lenses.  I had trouble trying to use the macro lens, which you will see in the video below.

In the video, you can see a clear comparison between the normal cell phone camera lens and the lenses from the kit.  I really like this kit.  It’s much easier to carry around than my professional DSLR.  I will probably opt to take this on some of my adventures rather than my entire professional kit. I recommend this to anyone looking to get more out of their cell phone camera.

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Top 10 Apps to Make or Save you $Money$.

The list below may contain affiliate links.  
I do not endorse any products I have not tried and succeeded with myself.

Typically all of our posts are individual reviews of products, places, or restaurants.  We wanted to do something different today and offer Kiva’s list of Top 10 Apps to Make or Save you $Money$.

I love an easy way to make money and easy ways to save money.  Below you will find a list of my 10 Favorite Apps for making or saving $Money$.  In a normal day we waste so much time on our phones doing meaningless things like scrolling Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.  I say why not make money with your phone.  Why not make your phone work for you and maybe even partially pay for itself.

There are tons of apps if you search the Google Play store for “money making” or “money saving.”  I often go and try to look for new ones I haven’t tried yet to see if they are legitimate or not.  I do not endorse any money making apps that require you to pay a fee for their services.  This list below is full of applications I have already tried and succeeded with.  I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Qricket – $25 cash out to Paypal.  Watch short ads to accumulate spins.  Pick Blue or Yellow and spin the wheel.  You can win anywhere from $0.00 to $1,000+ per spin.  My average spin is $0.05.  The most I’ve won on a single spin was $0.25. I’ve cashed out to my Paypal account twice and earned a little over $50.  To sign up for Qricket and get 10 FREE Spins CLICK HERE
  2. Slidejoy – 3,000 CARATS to cash out.  3,000 CARATS = $3 deposited into your Paypal account.  This app places an ad on your lock screen on your phone.  Swipes to open your phone earn you CARATS.  In addition to cashing out to Paypal you can also donate to the Jerico Project or Got Your 6. You can purchase gift cards for Amazon, Google Play, Starbucks, Playstation, Nintendo, Walmart, Steam, Bitcoin, Best Buy, Foot Locker, Toys “R” Us, Ebay, CVS, Target, GameStop, Xbox Live, AMC Theaters, Fandango, Sephora, Papa Johns, and Nike.  To me it couldn’t be any easier to earn money.  I don’t notice any lag or freezing or any ill effects from having the app on my phone.  To sign up for Slidejoy CLICK HERE. 
  3. Lucktastic – On this app you get to play scratch off tickets and either instantly win prizes or earn tokens you can redeem for gift cards.  The smallest amount of tokens you can redeem is 15,000 for a $10 Restaurant.com gift certificate.  I normally purchase Amazon $5 gift cards for 23,000 tokens.  They also have gift cards for Burger King, Dominos, Toy “R” Us, Aeropostale, Bed Bath & Beyond, Charity Choice, Groupon, Petco, Staples, The Children’s Place, GameStop, Panera, Papa John’s, Sephora, Kohl’s, Overstock.com, Sears, BabiesRUs, Kmart, Old Navy, AMC Theaters, Applebee’s, Bass Pro Shop, Bath & Body Works, Chilli’s, Fandango, IHOP, JCPenny, Olive Garden, Outback, Red Robbin, Regal Theaters, T.G.I. Friday’s, and TJ Maxx.  To sign up for LucktasticCLICK HERE.
  4. GrabPoints –  I get really easy money from this app.  Daily I will receive 1-3 codes for 7 points each.  Often I will get a message to complete 3 quick trivia questions for 15 points each.  You even get 500 FREE points for signing up. My cash outs on this app have been anywhere from $3-5.  You need 3,000 points to cash out for $3.00 to Paypal.  I notice in the reward store there is a pattern between points and gift card amounts.  A $10.00 Best Buy card is 10,000 points and a $25.00 card is 25,000 points.  You can also earn points by filling out surveys, downloading apps, watch videos, and reading articles. To sign up for GrabPoints and get 500 FREE points CLICK HERE.
  5. Google Opinion Rewards.  This app gives you Google Play credits to use in the Google Play store. They send you sporadic surveys about locations you have been do or certain demographics.  The surveys are very short usually under 5 questions.  On some surveys you may earn $1.00 and on some you may earn $0.00 (rarely).  I love it.  It gives me a way to purchase books, games, or music without having to spend my hard earned money.  To sign up for Google Opinion Rewards CLICK HERE
  6. Ebates – If you shop online you have to start using this app!  It gives you cash-back or coupons for stuff you were buying already.  With their app you can even find in-store cash-back options!  My holiday budget was tight this year but I still managed to do some online shopping.  I managed to utilize my Ebates account and next week (2/15/17) I should be receiving about $55.00 in my Paypal account.  The best part of that rebate amount is part of it was spent on a present for myself (a new tablet) which was free upfront. When you sign up you get a $10.00 BONUS in your Ebates account.  The withdraw amount is $5.02.  If you have $5.01 or less in your account they will hold your earnings until the next quarterly check.  You can choose to receive a paper check, Paypal deposit, or donate to charity/organization/family member.  If you would like to sign up and get your FREE $10.00 Bonus CLICK HERE.
  7. IBOTTA – This app is a great shopping companion.  You can earn rebates on groceries, pharmacy, clothing, alcohol, beauty products, restaurants, convenience stores, and even mobile shopping.  I love using it when I’m going to the grocery store.  After I’ve made my list for the store I check the app to see if any of the products I planned on buying had an available rebate. For this app it’s also important to scan the items with the app while you are in the store to confirm you are purchasing the product with a rebate and to keep your receipt.  To give you an idea of some of the rebates offered on IBOTTA I’ll list a few here: Walmart – $3.00 for 12 pack of Budweiser or Bud Light – buy 2 packs.  Buy 3 Barilla pasta and/or sauce and unlock $1.00 cash back.  You can withdraw 2 ways: Paypal or Venmo which have a $20.00 minimum).  They also have an assortment of gift cards to places like: Olive Garden, Target, Kmart, Gap, Applebee’s, Sam’s, Papa John’s, Old Navy, and Jo-Ann Fabrics (all have a $20.00 minimum).  I usually withdraw to my Paypal so I can use it for anything.  When you sign up you get a welcome bonus of $10.00.  To sign up CLICK HERE.
  8. Restaurant.com – This is another great app/website.  I often use this site to purchase many gift certificates at one time.  These are great to have on hand for an emergency gift.  Almost everyone enjoys a night out – why not treat them to one?  The last deal I saw was $5.00 for $25.00 Certificates.  To get the app visit the Google Play Store and download it for FREE.
  9. Groupon – This app/website is great for saving money on dining, entertainment, goods, and services.  I’ve purchased a few goods from this app and I always love going in and seeing what is available in my area for date night or girl’s night out ideas.  Here’s a great example of a local family or group of friends deal: Skating package for 5.  It is normally $70.00 but you can get it on Groupon for 54% off or $31.99.  Sushi Factory $13.00 for Dine-in Dinner for 2.   I really love this app and finding great deals.   You can download Groupon on the Google Play store for FREE.
  10. PayPal – I’ve been shopping online for well over 10 years.  I use Paypal as often as it is offered.  I’ve found it is the most secure way to shop online.  They have a great website and a great app.  You can use Paypal for shopping, sending or receiving funds, and for your business.  They have new options on the app like: Order Ahead – this allows you to order your food at the restaurant before you leave home. They even have the menus loaded so you can read them.  Pay in Stores lets you use your app to pay at stores, restaurants, and more and Loyalty Cards allows you to store all of your loyalty cards and use them directly from your phone rather than carry them all around. Most of the apps I listed above run their payouts through Paypal.  You can get $5.00 to sign up and make an eligible purchase. CLICK HERE to sign up. 

LESHINE 3D Head Mount VR Glasses Gen. 2 3.0-6.0 iPhone/Android

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Price: $25.99

If you haven’t experienced VR (Virtual Reality) you are missing out!  Rufo introduced me to this awesome new affordable technology using his Occulus VR headset.  After trying out his much more expensive headset I decided to try a more affordable one of my own.

This headset offers a very affordable VR experience.  It works with Google Cardboard and other VR applications.  I’m currently using a Note 4 in this device.

In order to game better I also purchased a small Bluetooth gaming remote.  If you plan on gaming I would recommend purchasing one of those as well.

The apps worked well in the headset, it was easy to adjust the vision and it fit nicely on my head. I was able to use it for a few days before I accidentally smudged a lens.  I went to carefully clean the lens with a soft cloth and immediately with the lightest pressure the lenses popped out of their placement.

It was nearly impossible to get them back in place.  Because of the design the headset is impossible to open.  I had to craft some tools to put the lenses back in place. I’m sure that there are permanently fingerprints on the lenses.



Car cellphone holder review


Rating: 3 out of 5 skulls


Rating Explanation: Due to assembly needed and that it fell apart easily and I had to re-assemble it.

*Update (12/27/16) – For some reason the plastic piece embedded in the suction cup broke off.  I was able to super glue it back together.  I’m going to contact the seller on Amazon.  I will update my review with the results.

So far I’m in love with this cellphone holder for in my vehicle. It’s Red and black (my favorite colors) and it holds my phone perfectly while I drive. When you first take it out of the box it requires a little assembly and be careful not to push on the release/hold lever too hard or it will come apart.
For about 20 minutes I thought I had completely broken this neat little gadget. I finally managed to get the pieces back together and it back to an operational state.
It was easy to install and use. You simply choose where you would like it to hang from your window, place the suction cup on the window, and lower the lever. The lowering of the lever creates a suction effect and allows the cellphone holder to adhere to the window.
Since properly installing about 3 weeks ago it has not fallen off of the window. A few times my phone fell out of the holder. This may be due to the product or to user error when placing the phone in the cradle. There are 2 bottom pegs to rest the base of the phone on. It also features two wings that expand by pressing on a button on the back of the holder.
When placing the phone in the holder be sure the wings are fully extended, hold the phone in place while resting it on the bottom pegs and squeeze the wings together to hold the phone firmly. When removing the phone press on the button on the middle back of the holder until the wings are fully extended and then remove your phone.
I admit it can be a bit distracting to have my phone in my field of vision but if my first reaction is to look at the phone when it makes noise it is better to be in front of me than beside me.  It’s a great safe way to drive hands-free.


Unfortunately the holder came crashing down randomly.  The plastic piece in the suction cup broke from the other piece.  I do really like this cellphone holder so I super glued it back together.  I attempted to contact the seller but there was no response.