Glue Gun, Cobiz 60/100 W Hot Melt Glue Gun with 5 Pcs Premium Glue Sticks


(Current rating based on service and item received, has not been tested yet.  We will update it once the video is done.)

We love arts and crafts at our house.  We also love DIY projects.   We ordered the glue gun to try to fix a desk that we have.  There are cosmetic trim pieces that constantly fall off.  We will test out the glue gun by using it to stick these pieces back in place.

After examining the box.  I’m pleased with the appearance of the glue gun and the included glue sticks and instructions.

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Universal Professional 3 in 1 HD Camera Lens Kit


Rating: 5 skulls



I love taking photographs.  I have an old Nikon D200 DSLR that I take my professional photographs with.  However, I often have my phone more than my DSLR.  I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have lenses for my cell phone?   I found them!

The Universal Professional 3 in 1 HD Camera Lens kit is great.  It comes in a lovely box that includes instructions, a business card, a lens cleaning cloth, 3 lenses, and the lens apparatus.  The kit includes a macro, wide angle, and a fish eye lens.  I’ve been able to try all three and report success with 2/3 lenses.  I had trouble trying to use the macro lens, which you will see in the video below.

In the video, you can see a clear comparison between the normal cell phone camera lens and the lenses from the kit.  I really like this kit.  It’s much easier to carry around than my professional DSLR.  I will probably opt to take this on some of my adventures rather than my entire professional kit. I recommend this to anyone looking to get more out of their cell phone camera.

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Review: A BluePrint to Selling on Amazon (Kindle Edition) by George Pain



Price: $4.99

While the text is not always grammatically correct the information in this book definitely has merit and value. I like that they walk you through step-by-step explaining the plan you should have for selling on Amazon (their blueprint). I also like that they supply you with a list of companies that sell goods for resale like Aliexpress, Alibaba, HKTDC, and others. The e-book highlights the fact that you should find a popular niche in which to sell your products. The book walks you through choosing the right provider for your products. Another great highlight in the book is that it goes over restricted categories. This is important to take note of as a potential Amazon seller. There are certain items you cannot sell and certain items that only approved vendors can sell like Baby products, electronics, health and personal care. Also, some categories are only available to professional sellers like grocery, jewelry, and clothing. This ebook also goes over using the Amazon seller app which is great for not only keeping track of your account but also to help purchase items for resale. There is a section devoted to the Amazon sales rank, which rates the sales performance of products in a given category. Another valuable section is the one in which the author discusses how to price your items. As someone who has sold items over the internet, this can be a very tricky subject.

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